Marriege Is Horrible

I'm married with 2 kids. My husband is very addicited to his computer games. It is his life, that is what he cares about the most is to play more games , to get more points. If we are at home, he just drawn to the computer all the time. The only way to get his full attention is to get out of the house. It used to be easier when we don't have kids. Home is not a home to me but a place where I hate to be at. More a place to sleep. BEfore kids, I can actually have a break by going overseas to my friends or parents to have a break from him when things get really bad , but not now. With kids everything is so hard, u can''t just leave them. Being a mum I'really really lonely and need adult contact which he is not giving me much. I just don't know when this horrible situation will end.

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7 Responses Feb 18, 2009

This is a him problem. He needs help with his addiction.

try finding neighborhood clubs or girls night out, things of that sort. Make some friends of your own age to have a Friday to, and have your husband take care and spend time with the kids while you're gone. Moms need to have fun too sometimes.

Oh wow just saw that this was from the year 2009.......

I hear you. my partner is Into game, computer and books forgets anyone exists. Being mum is tough I know but I do for the kids and try to get me time when I can which Isn't easy. try and do things for yourself. If they don't change you will grow on the journey. Your not alone. hang In there you shine through.

I hope this doesn't sound naive, but if you are that unhappy, why don't you file for divorce?

Kids change everything. Everyone knows that they just don't realize how much kids change everything. <br />
You need to find a way to release some energy. And Yes, it's up to you. A trip overseas doesn't sound like the solution but it's not gone forever. You need to concentrate on here and now though. <br />
If you need more time, find a way to make it. Join a gym, cooking class, anything that will get you out of the house and give you a reason to have your kids watched by someone else. <br />
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Men have no problem finding a release. They want something, they go do it. I just wish my wife would do the same.

thanks for both of your comments. Yes, I have talked to him, been to counselling, n Yes, I even contemplate suicide or have a life threatening injury and may be that will give him a wake up call. Unfortunately , we have 2 kids now n I can't leave them n I don't want to. I have spent so much time investing in them n they are beautiful kids.<br />
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To Shirish, Yes , I do try that too. Unfortunately after a while I can't stand it. Esp I'm a very people person, I love to chat. I logged onto this website hoping that there are people like minded to chat online to but it is different from what I thought.<br />
Do both of you have children? It is a total different situation. WE have been married for 8 years now. As I mentioned, before children I can have a break for a while but not now as they are only 3.5 n 2 years old. <br />
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I guess just hope God will have mercy on me n hopefully I can survive.<br />
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If you r not married, please choose wisely!!!!

I hv friend like ur hubby. He is my room partner in hostel.<br />
His whole concentration whole the day is on pc and games. I had time 2-3 months, but now i adopted . I behave with him as he behave with me so tht he shd kn hw ppl feel whn he behave wth them.