We live together and see each other every day. But he does not want to talk to me. He can get on the phone and talk, but he is just not interested in me.
Our son died 5 years ago in a terrible car accident and that brought us closer for a while.
He is upset because I have gained weight since our son died. So there is no intimacy what so ever.
I would love to have someone to chat with.
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Hugs to you. I don't have a lot of advice but I am always willing to listening.

I can relate. Reality is the killer of romance. My wife and I have experienced medical problems, death, unemployment, and a sexual drought of over 5 years. I love her , but we are more like ex-lover roommates than husband and wife.

Talk to a counselor. i don't think he' s upset over your weight gain. It could be more like depression over the loss of your son. He could be wondering what he could have done better to prevent your son's tragic death. He could also be dealing with low T, which is something most men don't want to talk about but do have to deal with. Though you may feel the problem is with you, the problem may lie with him and he may just feel either too macho or too ashamed to talk about it.

Thank you so very much!