So I've been trying to spend more time with my wife and talk to her and be nice and engaging. I've made dinner most evenings, watched reality TV with her (which she knows that I hate). Last night I did all of the household cleaning that she asked me to, watched 2 hours of reality TV and made her dinner.

Off to bed, and when I tried to hold her, I was told to screw off. I was quite offended. I'm on a business trip now, and perhaps I wanted a bit of attention so I'd have something to think of.

I told her off, explained how I've been doing so much for her lately, and how I feel that we no longer have shared goals. I took my comforter and pillow and slept on the couch.

This morning she wouldn't even speak to me. No texts today other than one asking if I could drop the youngest off at daycare next week. No calls now that I'm out of town either.

I think I've reached the point where its time to throw in the towel...
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Just an update... a couple of days after I posted this the wife and I had it out. Surprisingly in the last three weeks there's been more sex than in the rest of this year, and its been all good or great sex.

I think you may be the male me. I give it all i have and im either ignored or attacked. Weve been together since i was 15. We split up for almost a year. He lived it up for a while, then crawled back only to ignore me once again. No advice, but hope all works out for you either way.

Awe sweetie i know how you feel we havent even slept in the same room for 3 years

Wow sorry to hear that. I sometimes sleep on the couch because I fall asleep watching TV. We did have a conversation the night before I came back from my business trip. My night back was pretty good.

Thats good. Im more the intellectual type anyways. It bothers me sometimes but he held my hand last sunday and put his arm Around me.

I know what you mean I

Don't give up even though it seems like the easiest thing to do. Keep at taking care of things and let her know you might just want to hold her. In a woman's mind we think men aren't cooking cleaning etc because they want to but because they want something in return. It could be the best thing you've waited for. Now if only my husband can read whatever book you're reading I'd be a happy wife! I do all of the chores except work and instead stay home to care for our 2month old. My husband doesn't even seem interested in me but I'll keep waiting.