Now I'm really lonely. My husband announced on his fb page that we are getting a divorce . This was after he unfriend ed me, and I got a call from my cousin to check on me . She just let me know what he did . Yes things are hard and the divorce word has been used . I literally found out about my divorce through fb... Wth!!? I have too many emotions to even digest . -17 years of marriage and I get notified via Facebook . Aren't a worthy of something better
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I am sorry to hear that

Wow. Just wow. The world hits a new low. Divorce by FB. AloneinVegas, the good new is that surely there is an Old School man out there to love you and respect you. I'm so glad I grew up in the age of Pong and not FB. And I am so sad for you. And your children.

What an *** .!!! He's just looking for attention. Keep your head up , be strong .. Don't fall for the BS.. Tell him to come to you like an adult like he claims to be.

Sounds like you may be better off with out him if that's his character. Are children involved?

I can't imagine how hard things are for you right now. But try to think of it this way, after you've had time to grieve, you can get back out there and find someone who will appreciate you like you deserve.

I am so humiliated And just so sick . We have kids, of course they go on fb. And guess what my pre teen saw.😔( he obviously wasn't here , as he was " clearing his mind at the beach.

So sorry this has happened to you. I have been married 26 years and things are not good. I am here if you want to talk :)

Some people like drama. A friend's spouse posts all of their marital problems on FB. In your case he is likely doing it for the reaction and conflict that it will create.

Sorry to hear about what you're going through. If you want to chat feel free to drop me a line.

He wanted to humiliate you. No other reason. I told my wife that I no longer consider us married and we need to start discussing how to proceed with separation/divorce and still keep our commitment to our youngest child regarding college. We have told our children, but they have known that tensions have been elevated recently. The ex-wife has not said anything to her family or friends. I know that she is more embarrassed tgan sad. I have told some of my close friends because I'm hurting. I would not post on FB or tell her family because that would be me selfishly trying to find a way to hurt her. I hate to pass judgement on him without knowing your story, but what he did was deliberately to try to hurt you.

He def succeeded . The thing is, I'm actually a really private person . I don't have a whole lot of people I go to. There are better ways to do these things. He's just so controlling . My son starts college this week. Another in high school , and the younger two are in middle school , one that's literally just starting sixth grade. We (I ) have a lot going on Already.
The loyalty and what small amount of faith is gone .

My wife lives on fb i have said many times i must get a account then maybe she will speak to

I always want to talk and communicate with him . I think the old fashioned ways Of communicating are gone.😔

That's disgraceful!

bitter time for u.
Did u had conversation with him for such a step.?

Yes we have been having arguments for the past couple days, only by phone . He works in a diff state ( whole other story ) and I has been hoping he would come home to go to our kids schools open house , but he had other plans. ( he was off work those days , and doesn't see us a lot )

sorry tohear tht.
seems he dont care of u all. May be u deserve a better person in ur life
who not only cares for u but also respect and be around u always