I have completely arranged marriage....I was virgin before my marriage... but never thought I will get this reward after my marriage...I was virgin even after 2 years of my marriage...now after 6 years of my marriage, we rarely have sex. My hubby and me are staying together like enemies. Main problem is we have biggest sex incompatibility. My hubby is a kind of impotent. But I cant break my marriage cos I am dependent person. I have 2 yrs son also....What I feel is everything is written i his destiny. I am getting according to sins I did in my last birth.....plz plz God pls forgive...and let me also enjoy my life which everyone has right to deserve.......
clore clore
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Can i help with the sex?

That's not true the good LORD does not Judge according to your past sins. He is a loving and forgiving GOD

what u mean by "I am getting according to sins I did in my last birth." however u have all the right to enjoy your life be strong and leave