One boring day after another....
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Begin dating again?

I can relate to this very very much. Husband should be home soon but no joy here. Same conversation then he lays on the couch all night and eats. Thats it. Day in day out unless we go grocery shopping and do laundry at his uncles cuz we dnt have a washer and dryer. Weve only been married a little over a year. Fml.

A typical male, ignorant and uncaring.


I feel your pain, I throw myself into work. If it weren't for that and loon showers I'd o crazy lol

What are you looking for ?.

What is it you want? Find something you enjoy and get involved. Tell me if you believe it's your husband. I'm married and often feel as through my wife (no friends, no hobbies) believes it my job to entertain her and make her happy. I'd love to know your situation and thoughts.

Quite the opposite, I feel like he stands in the way of my joy in so many ways.