Would love to get to kno some older married men and find out why they are lonely
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Message me let's chat

Love to talk to a hot girl,who would listen anytime.


I should just love to talk to you.

I am in a sexless, but very closed marriage. I love my wife, but find the total lack of sex painful.
I enjoy my contacts - chatting etc. - with attractive women - and particularly young women who like older men and do not mind if those men are married.

I am quite fit and frisky and should love to hear back, if you like the sound of me.
Peter xx

im a older man.im 57 yrs not lonely.been married 2 times working on third marriage.dont feel old can still pick up 250 pound off floor.age is a number my new wife 32yrs old.

Lucky you

Your age, gender and question is just begging for trouble. Sorry, this goes way beyond just simple curiosity.

Yeah, she is one but most girls in her age bracket think older guys are gross. Also, I believe this is an open forum and I have the right to comment as much as she has the right to ask the question.

Would love to chat with you. You look gorgeous btw.

Umm MSG me.

I have the greatest marriage in the world. I have been married for many years and we have never got past the honeymoon stage. Still in the quiet hours loneliness sometimes creeps over me. It is born from my experiences as a Deputy Sheriff and a soldier before that. I have seen death and violence in all its forms and during those times my home was the only sanctuary I had. It has created a gulf between me and normal people. It is a gulf that I cannot cross. That gulf is the source of my loneliness. My wife would do anything to see that I am okay, but no one who has not had these experiences can understand or give solace. Over all though I am a happy person and I have a great life. Loneliness is just a thing that comes and goes.

Jesus Christ would love to be the bridge for you to cross over the gulf and be complete peace for you.

Father, here I am before you humble and with an open heart. I believe you sent your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross at Calvary for me. I also believe Jesus is the son of God, I repent of all my sins and inquities. Jesus be my Savior and Lord this instant I pray, AMEN.

Dear God fill me with your Holy Spirit in Jesus name, AMEN.

Thank you for your words of encouragement.

war is war people die all the time.your conditioned to be soldier and follow orders to kill or be killed that is what a soldier is.cant carry ur conscious into battle cant take it home. u did what u had to do.as a deputy u also see death its part of life just thank god that ur healthy and have a good wife.go out enjoy ur life enjoy ur wife u have one god give life and live it for yourself and for god.

Im not actually lonely. But I like to share experience where I can. XX

I'm not old, only 42 but I'm married and lonely, because of a few reasons.
1) I have emphysema.
2) I know things so my wife think I spy on her.
So I sit at home everyday all by myself.

I am lonely because my wonderful wife has been very sick for 3 years. She is living in a special nursing home. She can't speak for so long, or listen for so long either. She gets exhausted quickly....


God does miracles and I pray for complete healing and restoration for your wife, marriage, family, faith and home now in Jesus name, AMEN.

That sounds like fun. Be glad to share with you.

Marriage is a lot of work. After a period of time, the two will often go their own separate ways. Develop their own interests. Become their own individuals. It's when the desire for individuality overwhelms the partnership as whole that the loneliness starts to set in.

Because women of a certain age often lose all interest in sex and physical contact. It is called menopause like in men on pause. Mind you now they still expect fidelity even when they cut off all physical intimacy. It is the marriage trap.

its true what you say.also hard to be faithful when your hormones are on overdrive.me personally ill probably have a happy ending at massage parlor.and spare my wife the agony of having sex.doesnt mean uyou dont love her justs means anxiety is killing you.were humans the sex drive for some of us is a killer.

I'm in my mid 30's and another married but lonely guy. My wife is very non sexual and neglects me constantly. Lots of inhibitions and things she won't do. We are both attractive and fairly fit, she just doesn't value her sexuality.

Ask your husband in fifteen years...

Forgive me for being abrupt and. sounding rude. I was starting to type out something lengthy and just didn't have it in me to write...