Friendly Lover

The person I seek has to be in the same situation as me:


not interested in leaving the marriage

really missing the joys of sex due to a lack of sex interest on the part of their spouse.

They have to have a friendly personality

They have to really love sex.

51-55, M
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I just have to say..I'm so sorry..married 32 yrs..the past 5 have been sexless and cruel ..I begged..pleaded. .love me..we have a beautiful trailer.I move to the trailer..he made promises. .I kept mine.
Lost up ..nails done...lots and lots of sex. .for the first 3 days it was great

3 weeks later back to square one
.I'm glad I found EP..I found many people who make me feel that I am.not alone...thank you for your share

We are not alone

Makes the distance of any state on the East Coast seem like a day trip, doesn't it? (compared to SoftWhisper's locale)

Did I mention where I live?

Yeah, Google says we are too too far apart.... ha ha ha.<br />
<br />
Good luck down under.