The Solitary Man

I'm married and lonely

I have few friends

Money is scarce

I have trouble telling my story

I'm looking for a female friend

to share in the joy of life

I'm not a poet; but,


… they look in each other's eyes and wonder where

the love has gone.

I feel like crying

Sound of mind not free to reflect

Tolerated, a thing to bring to parties

A tool around the house

Where did the love go; yes, it's gone

Passion a forgotten song

I see her seldom, where does she go?


Never wanted it to turn out this way


Freeze frame...

Bronze clouds swirled above the married and lonely like a flame

Radiant smiles exchanged.

Walking hand-in-hand through a corridor of pines

Why ask why ? One envisions this always.


Maccuill Maccuill
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

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I know what, I'm looking for; they're just not easy to find. I just ended a wonderful 2 year friendship. We did everything together; biking, skiing, fly fishing, target and trap shooting, talked talked and talked about things only we understood in common. It took me 5 years to find her. But the hourglass is empty.

Children are gone........"go live your life" tryed that, worked for awhile. I have few available friends and am looking for someone to live my life with. Refrain "money is scarce" though my wife is loaded; but it's her money. The problem isn't things to do; I'm just tired of doing them alone.

Do you have young children to take care of?<br />
<br />
If you don't, go live your life. You have precious little time left on this planet. Don't waste any more of it.