So Lonely.....

My husband and I have  been married for 2 years and the sex was great.  It seemed that when after we got married everything changed. He says that he loves me, but its like he can't stand to look at me or touch me. He is always makeing up excuses not to have sex, I don't know what I have done so wrong. he doesn't understand how he makes me feel. I love him and hes a good provider, I feel like I'm just a roommate.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

Human beings are emotional creatures and need affection. There are triggers to how we do the things we do.
Your loves you from your post and made it his priority to care your other needs. remind him of that vacuum in you.
Be creative if you cannot tell him use your body language. dress up to catch his attention . Cook something he loves . Take his mind off his busy schedule and focus on you.

Do you have kids? That maybe a distraction to your relationship.