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I went back to work this week, I work alone in a shop where I rebuild tramsmissions for cars, the memory of Debbie was so strong in this room, she helped me set it up, In my tool box were 100s of cards and notes from my Debbie saying how she loved me forever and would always be mine, all signed your lover, best friend and wife forever, The pain of this is so great, i read each note, i cried so hard, off and on most of the first day back, all alone just me and the memory of my Debbie, life cant go on this way to much longer, I WANT OUT,


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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Sparkless said it all. We sometimes have to go through the pain and the sadness to come out the other side. I'm not sure what happened with you and Debbie and your marriage. However, I can assure you that it is better to feel than not feel at all. We empathize with you here and hope that you write more often. Sometimes writing your stories down helps sort out the pain and fear that we are experiencing. 99.9% of the people on Experience Project are caring, sensitive, truthful people, just trying to understand their life situations through the eyes of other's viewpoints.<br />
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Blessings Tonight,

Hi Tom...I'm so sorry for your loss of love from someone you care so deeply for. <br />
I've been hurt a few times by men I thought would love me unconditionally and thought I would die or wanted to for sure, but somehow I managed to get through it. And I am not a strong person at all....I would venture a guess and say that you are probably way stronger than I've ever been or ever will be, just the fact that you are running a business on your own says volumes about you, so please don't sell yourself short by saying she did it all.....<br />
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I'm sure you are feeling very desperate right now, I can feel it vibrating from your writing(I guess it's part of my empathic "gift"), but just know that you've found a good place here at EP where you can vent all you want and cry and we will not turn you away for it....Sometimes the venting & crying have to be completely exhausted before we can move on and see things more clearly and logically. <br />
So feel free, don't try to be completely alone, the fact that you wrote here is a great step in the right direction! Congratulations on that. You may be alone in your work shop, but as long as you are connected here you'll have plenty of friends and good listeners, I know it may sound hokey but it's true.<br />
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Hold on, we're coming!<br />