Married & Lonely Too

I have been married for 20years...he is 14 years older than I am.  We were separated for 8 months last year..We have been back together for a year...maybe had sex 4 times...and not so successful...he has trouble. I just don't know what I am going to do.  I care about my husband but need compassion back in my life..I don't want to grow old and bitter...We can sit in the living room and he won't even talk for over an hour...I feel like I 'm dying inside....

daydreamer1007 daydreamer1007
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2009

I am in a similar relationship with my husband and completely understand!!

Try to find ways to connect even simple little things. Have you considered counseling? If you're both willing to work on things then there is hope and you should give it more time and effort. If it's a one way deal (only one of you willing to make an honest effort to improve things)then your heart will be broken over and over again as you wait and hope for a change. You put it well when you said you felt like you were dying inside, I know that feeling all to well.