Blended Blunder

10 yrs ago I got married and we started our blended family.  It ended up not blending as I thought it would, and we still have "separateness" in all we do.  I work nights (in addition to my day job), so I can have interaction.  Our kids are gone and my husband ignores me.  He sleeps and watches tv every waking moment he is not at work.  We don't eat together, sleep together, etc.  I believe in staying in a marriage.  This is tough. I'd love to get together with others that are going through his same experience

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3 Responses Nov 21, 2009

Understand completely..<br />
It is a strange feeling when you look forward to work just for human interaction.

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Be proactive! Come up with plausible fun things to do with your husband. Maybe he feels the same way? Maybe he doesn't? Do you even know? It does not sound like there is much animosity between the two of you, or at least you did not mention it. Perhaps your husband is just not a leader. Take charge.

This is a very sad marriage life