Need Some Strange

well i been married 10 ys and counting but i feel like something is missing. im bored and i find myself being very anoid at everything i alone or am i a bad wife

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I totally relate with this

I think the title "Need Some Strange" tells it all. I feel the same way after being monogamous for 18 years and bored; I often hear myself utter the same words.<br />
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I would love to hold someone new and hot. Cause new would be hot!

i feel for u.ive bean maried for 14 years and i dont think its going to last much longer. i held back on my singing ciara and now that ive bean back doing it for the past year 1/2 and now we fight alot. i have not put any songs out yet becouse of her, after we first got to gether i stoped doing everything just to be with her but am planing on puting on out around dec of this year. i hopen it makes a hit so i wush u lots of luck and try to be happy couse every one needs to find a way to so there happy and not unhappy as i have.

What would you like to change in your marraige?

Maybe you should ask what is missing in you. When you feel that in your marriage something is missing, you better analyze your feelings. I dont think that you're a bad wife, it's just that something is not working in your marriage.<br />
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My best wishes

Welcome to the group where you aren't alone. Not to be rude, but could your annoyance be due to PMS. I ask because I know I'm more annoyed then usual during that time, other then my periods are irregular so figuring out when that time is, is difficult. So, I'm still trying to figure out am I really annoyed by everything he does all the time or is my annoyance due to something else such as PMS, finances, frustrated that I got married when I did and didn't take the time to travel and do all this stuff I dreamed of doing, but never did.<br />
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I finally figured out that I've given my whole married life and haven't lived a balanced life, I haven't done anything for me. You can read more abt this in my blog:<br />
Bored I have learned is a misused word. My girlfriend uses it out of context a lot and usually means, upset, confused, frustrated, or something else then what she says. So to help us understand and what exactly are you feeling when you say bored?