Im Married But Feel Lonely

I am married but feel like my husband dosent put attention to me I have talk to him I know he loves me but its dosent feel like that I love him but its so hard we have ben together 8 years we have 3 children but i dont know sometimes I have think what would of happen If we get divorce I have think about it and I have told him and he dosent likes the idea he says he loves me but look I come from work and i stay with the children then he goes to his cousins house then he comes back like nothing he dosent pass time with me then he looks for me at night i do not respond because i dont feel aprecieated i have even move of room i sleep alone he gets angry with me but i just can i dont like feeling utilize for pleasure i know he loves me but sex is not all he dosent understands most of my time im alone with my children if his home he plays the Xbox so i  play with my children then when they asleep i get in the computer I dosent iven has a idea of what im looking up in the computer because hie is to busy in the game I dont want to sound chessee but thats the truth of what im going throw can somebody advice me please thanks 4 taking the time of reading

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Wel i too understand your pain but i have the opposite my wife has no time for me. She just spends all her time picking out items for the house or on-line shopping. All i want is some time watching a film, going out for dinner and dancing or just having fun.<br />
Am i asking too much i don't know what to do ?

I know how you feel. I am also lonely. Sometimes I even feel like a single woman. I spend more time with my computer than my husband. All he does is lay in the bed and watch tv. I just posted my story on the lack of passion and communictions problems in my marriage. I have no advice, just understanding of your situation.

same here but he is on the computer

Same here except with my husband it's the Xbox:( He is military so he goes to work at 4:30am and doesn't come home till 5 or 6pm sometimes later and gets right on the Xbox to play call of duty with his friend back in our home state... lately i don't even get a kiss or a hug from him first or at bedtime. There's not a day that goes by anymore that i don't feel single with the the bonds of being married:(

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The good thing about EP is knowing there are others going through the same thing you are.

Yolanda,<br />
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I feel your pain, I know what its like to be put last on the list and have been living a similar situation with a workaholic boyfriend. If I say anything, he just says "At least I am not out drinking....I am working for our future" Which sounds really great however, our relationship is not building and we barely see each other on typical weeks, I am left responsible for my regular full time job, all the house responsibilities, all the bill paying responsibilities and my two kids from a previous relationship that are 17 and 22. Unfortunately I don't have the answer that will cure all but I do know that your kids deserve to see a happy healthy relationship as they are growing up. Maybe counselling will help? Maybe a "family talk"/<br />
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I wish you hope and courage to talk to your man. Take care.