In Need Of Passion

Wow, I can't believe I am doing this but I need to vent. I will be celebrating my 18th anniversary next month. I am a very passionate woman who loves to be hugged, kissed and caressed. Unfortunately my husband is the exact opposite  He is not a "touchy-feely" kind of guy. I long and crave for affection. I have shared my needs with him and his response is that he is just not that kind of guy. I am not looking to have an affair because I believe it is wrong. However I am afraid if some man came up and kissed me I would not stop him! I am so frustrated.  I'm so HUNGRY  for affection I feel like screaming.

Also for the last three years we have a very hard time communicating with each other. I have entered my perimenopausal years and apparently is has really changed my personality and temperament. I have changed he has not. Furthermore he does not understand what I am going through and thinks I purposely lash out at him. Most of the time, I have no idea I am going to fly off the handle. Anyway, I just needed to tell someone this. Thanks for listening.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Been there done that! We read it last year.

It sounds to me as though your 'love tank' is on empty. Might I suggest a book for you and your husband to read that may help you rekindle the passion in your marriage? It is titled, 'The 5 Love Languages' by Gary Chapman. I think it may provide you and your husband with a few 'Aha!" moments like it did when I read the book. Thanks for sharing.