Where To Start........

My first marriage I got married way to young had 2 kids.  Hung in for 16 yrs and finally found (so I thought) somebody I could be happy with.  Seperated and began divorce process and she passed away.  New lady, myself and my kids all moved in together.  My currrent wife is very negative, wants perfection.  Nothing is ever right.  She purposely works late shifts so we don't see each other.  I dread when she comes in, wondering what will be wrong tonight.  I just want out and live a simple life with my children as they will be leaving soon.  They are 22 and 20.  I don't think she knows how negative she is.  The house could be completely empty and she would find a problem. Except when its her, then its ok.  If the kids hang their coats on a kitchen chair all hell breaks loose, yet hers hangs there all winter.  Too old to try and start over again. just trying to hang in there.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I would intentionally leave this screen up on your computer so that curiosity can get the best of her. Once she reads this, she'll more likely to have a reality check and make an effort to change. Also discuss marriage counseling.