My Bestfriend....??

I have read a lot of these stories in hopes to find one like mine, but mine is, and always will be different. My husband and I met in middle school. He was my best friends brother, and soon after that, he became my best friend. Through out the years that followed I always knew he was in love with me, however, to me he was my best friend, the only person in the world I could go to if I needed anything, the person who could make me laugh when I wanted to cry, my rock. His sister and I went off to college we became roommates, so I still saw him from time to time. One night in particular as he sat on the bed in my dorm room, he looked me square in the eyes and said "Comeon... Just marry me, why don't you just marry me?", I laughed it off. I found out a couple of years later that he was serious. Everyone would tell me that I just don't see what I do to him, what he would give just for one chance with me, I would just shrug it off and say "he's my bestfriend". Later that year during spring break I went home to spend it with my family and of course being my roommates brother, by bestfriend, he was always around. We went and did our normal stuff, even saw a Cinncinatti Reds game, we had a blast. So when my spring break was over I packed back up and went back to school. But when I went back, I went back as a different person. I missed him, it was a different kind of missing someone, by wed. I drove back home just to see him, and it was that point I knew, I was falling in love with my bestfriend. It wasn't no time after that, that we made it official, we were a couple and it was awesome. I never knew a feeling of so much love and someone being in love with me. About 2 months later he asked me to be his wife, over joyed I said yes. We moved in together about 3months later and 3 months after that I was reading an EPT test that said "Congradulations Mom and Dad".

My husband is a wonderful provider, a wonderful father, he gives us everything we need and mostly of what we want. But somewhere in the last 5yrs I've lost my bestfriend. We're no longer the "in love" couple. I sometimes find reasons to leave because I'm lonely and in search of something. He's a good man, everything I have ever wanted in someone to spend my life with, but there is something missing. Intimacy? Romance? but then again, we didn't do that because we knew each other so well he didn't have to buy me flowers, matter of fact our first "Official" date we went fishing.. the only thing we caught was a buzz. We were kids, and then our son came and he brought joy to us, along with responsiblities. I sometimes wish he would losen up some and have fun, but now it's all work and no play. In our spare time he spends with hiS XBOX online, and Im in the office.. writting this. I've done everything to put the spark back into it. I'm the kind of girl even at 24 likes to go out, we've been to ***** clubs with friends, now tell me what wife does that?? Apparently me.. guys love me, all the guys I'm friends with see that he does neglect me when it comes to intimacy and they don't know what's wrong with him. I love sex, I don't know how many times I've woke him up to have it, but I can tell he's just not into it or just trying to get it over with. And that's taking a toll, because at first we were having sex like 3 to 4 times A DAY, and now I prance around like a bimbo in a nighty and he still doesn't pay attention to me.. that's all I want. I know I still turn heads, and hearts sometimes, but I don't want them, I want him. I want my bestfriend back. I've talked to him, I've left him notes, I've cried, I'm tired of feeling like it's me.. because I try like hell. So if anyone has any tips of how to make him see I'm lonely and I need a mans touch sometimes when I'm not begging him to. Anything at all it would help thanks. -- TOX

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I have the same problem excpet i compete with a playstation 3. Sorry girl. Maybe we should try throwing the damn things away

Firstly, you should come over to the I Live In a Sexless Marriage group and read some stories.<br />
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Secondly, have you considered some type of counseling?<br />
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If you have begged, pleaded, cried, and written him notes, he obviously knows how you feel.<br />
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I have no encouraging words on this one. I left my marriage for some of the same reasons (not all). It's a painful road to want someone and love them and not have those feelings returned.