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My name is Craig I have been married for 20 yrs as of  2-2-10 at which time or the day before my oldest daughter was accepted to WSU. Im going to make this 15 yr story very short, Ill be happy to share it with anyone in the same situation.On my aniversary after waiting 12-15 years to spend time with my wife after she raised our girls (and a fine job she did) she informs me, at know suprise to me that she is not happy doesnt like our home and does not want to do anything with me... craigrowellc@comcast.net  

craigrowellc craigrowellc
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WOW! Craig, what were the signs that something was going to happen? There had so be some. No one is that good of an actor to put on for many years that they are happy and satisfied to one day suddenly drop the "I'm out of here" line. I'm not trying to be harsh or to pry, but were the signs there and they were ignored? I saw this happen with a couple that my husband and I have known for many years. Except it was the husband who dropped the line. The signs had been there, but my friend chose to ignore them. They didn't argue. If there was an issue it was shoved under a rug and life went on, but once the last child left the house, he wanted out. They did separate, THANKFULLY they pursued saving their relationship and it took a loooong time. There were all kinds of unresolved issues. Small little things that they both had been holding in and not talking about and when they did talk, they would yell, but for the sake of the kids, they didn't want to fight, so they stopped. WOW! They are married and they work at it, but they both want it and they do love each other. So what is my point??? LOL Talk to your wife. If it means separating and finding help to bring you back together, then do it, but ONLY if that is what you both truly want. Marriage is HARD and there are so many things that chip away at the foundation...good luck to you

Wow that is harsh. I am sorry to hear that. Sometimes people can be so cruel