Am I The Problem?? heres the scenario...i dont know how to drive meaning that i donot have a drivers learning but i ussually get get a ride to work but today my ride couldnt take me so ... last night i had asked idiot(my husband) to drive me this morning....well it was as if i had asked him to carry me on his shoulders to work....he complained and yelled and fought with  me literally all night last night and all morning. He works at nights and needs to sleep during the day but he is off on sunday nights and gets to sleep during the night and gets to sleep all day on monday so i really dont see what the big deal is....i dont ask him to take me to work everyday wtf? and its not like im asking him to drive me to get my nails done...i needed him to take me to work!!i ! i dont get it not perfect but  im a good wife  cook clean , do laundry, take care of my daughter, pay the bills, take care of the 2 cats and i wiork i am i really that big of a burden? am i really the one who is unreasonable? ive heard how selfish i am so much i think im starting to believe it.......idk whatever hes an *******?

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I'll tell you straight up that he's the problem. If even half of the way you describe yourself is true than you're a damn fine woman for a man to have. It's been almost two years since your original post. Any changes in status?

thank u i hope so too lol

Hello! You are right, he is an idiot. Hopefully he will come to realize that he is being an idiot, and start to appreciate you. I hope that happens soon.

thank u ..that makes alot of sense...

You are not the problem. I get this from my husband all the time. I have my liscense but I rarely drive. Husband is unemployed and drives me to work and picks me up. He gets angry that I don't drive..well I pay all the bills work over forty hours a week..cook clean..while he "searches" for jobs and texts most hours with "friends". It is a selfishness on his part...think of it this way your marriage is supposed to be a partnership...there are strengths and weaknesses to it all...learning to drive or not driving for whatever reason is a weakness (per se) and your husband should be there to support you and stregthen your weakness. Not pull you down or make you feel bad becausevof it. I understand where your coming from...something does have to give and it really shouldn't be you.

amen to that lol

The problem is that alot of men are SELFISH and because we as women care so much about these jerks, we ENABLE them to keep up their crap. It's amazing that I'm not the only one who is in a bad many people stories sound exactly like's almost scary. I say all the SELFISH morons in the world need to date and marry each other so that the decent people are left with each other.

im sorry to hear thers more people in the same situation as me starting to think that nothing will ever be good enough or we will never be able to enough i think i might just stop tryin to be wonde woman and then maybe hell see how good hes ot it....but its alread to late to save the marriage . im kinda over it already and would like to move on...<br />
<br />
good luck to u too mocha i hope both of our situations get better one way or the other...

Hey. I'm new to the forum but happen to read your post. Unreasonable, NO! You're his help mate, his helper; therefore, your NEEDS should be his top priority. I'm guessing when you married him its because you felt that way. (Your needs was his priority). My question is what happened? When do we (women) stop being our husbands "Priority?" Damn I wish I had the answer. I'm literally in tears as I type. i feel like you; I work, Overtime even, took care of US when he was unemployed (w/out complaining) I end to our children (2 girls) our dog (1) his needs, even when I'm tired yet he finds a reason to fault me for everything. Then when I ask him what can make me a better wife? What has him so angry at me? His response is I don't know? Idk what your mister probably is no more than I know what my mister problem is. All i know is something has got to give, and soon! good luck<br />