Very Confused

I still love my husband but I feel like the connection between us is crumbling. Aside from that I think I am falling in love with someone else. I hate that I feel this way, and I have no intention of cheating on my husband but I am coming to the realization that I would rather spend time with this other person than my own husband. The strange thing is, the connection I feel with the other person feels mostly emotional and not sexual. I don't know what to do, I am afraid that the way I feel about this person might begin to seem apparent to my husband because we only see each other when he is around. It already seems ridiculously evident to me, but I don't know if anyone else knows. I pay more attention to my appearance when I know he will be around, and I get really nervous when I'm around him. They have to know. :s

Recently things have gotten worse. This other person has just started a relationship with a woman and they are in that "public display of affection" stage. I feel like I want to throttle her, that too must be entirely evident. What do I do? I don't want to tell this other person how I feel about them, because that will make things awkward. I can't tell my husband because that will destroy trust or respect between us. Help!
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

This is a rough situation but I commend you greatly for never cheating on your husband... I think that works in your favor for talking to him abou it... Like it or not you two desided to be lifelong partners so you have to tell him the situation... You haven't cheated so maybe it's an opportunity to re-kindle the flame in your marriage... He may get hurt at first but least he is given the chance to try to work on things with you before something bad happens that he didn't see coming...

I think this not what u are thinking. There are some doubts in your mind that u love someone and u like him other than your husband. Try it that if such feeling become in your mind u should take glass of water and more so if your husband is around let yourself engaged with him and talk to him freely and start loving hopefuly u will be free of this habit.