More people than not will think I am wrong for doing this, even though I have been through so much.  The thing is I don't feel quilty for what I have done or what I will do 

We just try to see each other when we can, and we talk almost every day.

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It's ok. It's human to want to be loved and needed and to love in return. It's also human to seek what you are lacking in order to survive. Your needs must be met. If you have given your husband the opportunity to fulfill your needs and he failed to do so, as in my case, then you have to do what is necessary to make it through.<br />
I am not saying this is right, but it is human. However in the end you will have to face the realities of your misdoings and you will be held accountable in some manner. Trust me, I am going throught that NOW.

I think sometimes you just have to put your needs before your partner's. I don't think this is a selfish thing to do - matters of the heart are seldom so black and white. If you truly love your partner, though, you may want to try letting him (or her) know how you feel about what's missing in your relationship. It worked for me and I'm so much happoer now than I was sneaking around. Believe me, after awhile, you'll start to have trouble meeting your own reflection in the mirror. You have the right to have all of your needs met, even if that means you have to go elsewhere.

i understand this all to well. i hope you somehow find all that you are looking for and your life is completed.

a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!