You Never Know Who Is Watching

I was out shopping and I went into the dressing room to try on some really sexy clothes I liked. Now I am 5'7" 140lbs. Brown hair short, Dark tan, with what I am told a nice figure. My breast are not real big 34C but I really have great nipples that when hard are little over a inch long and very thick, nice hips and nice plump ***, not fat plump. When I went into the dressing room I noticed I just had a very narrow wooden bench to sit on. I had on tight jeans and cowboy boots with a tight shirt. So I closed the curtain or so I thought and sat down to take off my boots. Once they were off, I stood to unhook my jeans and pulled my shirt off. It was really cold in this room and my nipples jumped to attention and were very visible through my thin bra. I then unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to about my knees. I sat my rear end on this thin wooden bench and first lifted my right leg to pull my jeans off that leg. I then lifted my left leg at which time I noticed my curtain was not closed fully and a tall good looking guy was stabding by a clothes rack looking directly at me. I have no problem with people seeing me in my paanties and bra, but I realized that the way I was sitting and the way I had lifted my legs to get my jeans off he had a perfect view of my crotch. At first I thought about dressing and leaving, then I thought if he wants to peek in on me I will give him something to look at, so I continued. As I bent over to get the new Jeans to try, I realized my little panties were riding up my *** like a thong due to the extreme tightness of the jeans I had on. I also looked at the front of my panties and saw that one side had also decided to hide between my ***** lips, so when I bent over, of course with my legs somewhat seperated he had a good look at my ***** lips or should I say lip. I tried my new jeans and shirt on and the new jeans were just as tight so when I got ready to take them off I just pretended that my panties came down with them. Here I am sitting on this little wooden bench legs seperated jeans around my knees and my panties just above them. It was then that I realized my peeper was not the only one excited, I saw the crotch of my panties and they were soaked as was my entire *****. When I lppked at my friend, I saw he was standing at the clothes rake but hed his penis in his hand stroking it and I don't mean a little penis this thing had to be 10 inches. I thought if he can I can so I opened my legs wide and went to work. I was really getting close to ****** when I opened my eyes to see my friend in the dressing room with me. He never said a word just grabbed my ankles pushed my knees back to my shoulders and slid that big **** into my *****. Eventhough I was soaking wet and on the verge of ****** it took sometime before he could get more than just the head inside me. Once it started going in I thought I ****** up, because it hurt like hell. I am rather tight and the **** I am use to is just 6 inches and not nearly as thick. However, thanks to my excessive lubrication a couple quick ****** and a lot of stretching it was going in and now it was feeling good. By the time he had managed to get it all in I had *** 5 times. He then started ******* me like I had never dreamed someone could be ******. He ****** me long and hard for a very long time at least 20 minutes none stop. By the time he was ready to shot his load I was ready again myself. Due to his lenght and width I guess he had been rubbing my G-Spot because just as I said I was ******* he pulled out and started ******* himself to ******. When mine hit I could not stop shaking trembleing and jump all over the place. I know people had to hear me I was moaning like crazy and even started screaming when mu ****** hit. I swear I could not stop, I *** for a good five minutes but the hottest thing was on my second spasm I actually ********** . The way he had me positioned with my legs at my head I shot my load straight up in the air and it landed on my ***** and stomach. He then grutned and blew the biggest wad I had ever seen. He shot off on my ***** at first and started moving up. I swwear I did not think he was going to stop. He dropped the rest of his load on my stomach, but to my surprise he had more. He storked it a few more time and strated ******* again, this time he was aimimg for my mouth, which I do not like and even closed my mouth tight. His first load landed on my nose but when he was ready to shot again he surprised me by sticking his two fingers on his left hand up my ***, which caused me to scream. Of course to do this I had to open my mouth and when I did he grabbed the back of my head and pulled the **** out of my hair making me open my more next thing I knew he was blowing his last wad, which I swear was bigger then any right into my mouth. Once he stopped ******* he grabbed my pantied and stuck them in his pocket before walking out and leaving the curtain wide open. I jumped up to get dressed but had nothing to clean with I had to take my shirt ands wipe his *** from my face& hair and used my jeans to wipe my *** and his cumm from my ***** and stomach. I had to purchase the jeans I was trying on along with the shirt which I had to wear with no bra because he soiled it as well. When I left that store I was so sticky and dirty, not to mention sore. I was actually sore for a couple days and so swollen I could barely get my little finger in my *****. Guess I learned my lesson about teasing guys in a cowboy store. Thank god my husband was out of town for a few days to give me time to recover.
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Hot story, but he crossed the line

Wow, that is a hot story.....

you cheated your husband ,sham on you

you are truely a dream girl:p

That is called rape to me! Me? I would have let you watch me as I were watching you! Then maybe wait for you to finish your dressing room duties and hopefully take you out for drinks to get to know you better! Bill in Va.

He should have treated you with a bit more respect