"i Want It My Way And Your Way Just Doesn't Work For Me!"

Have you ever heard these words "I Want It My Way and Your Way Just Doesn't Work for ME!" In a round about way I hear them everyday. I posted a story about marrying a woman now three weeks ago and I just don't know. I still am confused. How can 4 years of dating and seeing her make changes, all of a sudden come to a quick halt and turn around? BTW-I have no one to vent to, I appreciate your reading this mess that I got myself into.

Anyhow, I work all day and so does she. However, I come home make dinner, do laundry, feed the animals, etc.... I merely asked for some help and all I get is reasons why this woman can't do anything. "I'm tired" gosh I can't stand that statement. When work has to be done she finds a reason to run off and take care of something or go rescue her useless ADULT children who suck her dry at every turn. I'm talking just simple house work too! WOW! She has it made! Her dinner is on the table, her clothes are clean, the house is clean and she had nothing to do with it. When asked she is so in denial and lives in this major fantasy that she has just completed this great feat of helping out....

I really don't know! What the hell to do??? I feel like a fool for going through with the marriage. I am ashamed for saying "I Do!" Suggestions?????
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Leave her

I dont want to become such a wife, but I would appreciate it if my husband helps and takes responsabilities inside the house as well.

With not knowing all the details of your marriage, it seems you've hit a dead end.
Lots of marriages end in a rut.
Ours did too, until we discovered domestic discipline. The change in the way we communicate, love, admire, help each other and respect each other is overwhelming.
I have a link to my page you might want to read.(see below)

Domestic discipline is not kinky or weird. It's an exchange of power where the husband is the leader and head of the family, Together you make guidelines you want to live by and rules to help you know your roles. In a DD marriage, the husband is the enforcer of these rules. He loves, honors and cherishes his wife, but he also has the option to discipline her with corner time and spankings. This might sound weird to you, but I was and still am a head-strong person, but needed my hubby to lead the way.
You can read more here:


There are lots of really good comments from others who embrace this lifestyle.
We couldn't imagine every living any other way!
It saved our marriage - for sure!

Good luck with yours
Jack's Jill