Move On, Or Not!

Well I have posted a couple of stories about the marriage I got myself into. I am so upset right now I do not know what to think. As I had outlined in the past, she feels this need to care for her adult children (26 & 30) and pay for everything. This includes the roof over their non-working heads. They both have every excuse in the world as to why they can't work and she has every excuse in the world why I should not be mad about it. EVERYONE in her family has told her that this has to stop and she needs to kick them out of the nest. Let me clarify something, she lives with me, doesn't contribute to our household and still owns the condo they live in and do not give a dime of rent for. She swore a month ago before we got married that this has changed. Nothing in 4 years has changed, what the HELL did I do???? I feel so out of control and taken advantage of.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Tell her you will leave her if she doesn't change, give her one month to think about.

As a female, I think it is time to put your foot down. No one deserves to live unhappily. I think you should make it very clear how unhappy you are. If things don't change or you can't compromise, then move on. Make a happy life for yourself. Life is short!