Why Me???

I am been with my husband 11 years we have two kids. We recently got married about 2 years ago. He has not been faithful. It seems as if everything went downhill after we said i do. I am ready to say i don't what should i do.

reallyhurt reallyhurt
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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

What did you do? I'm in the same boat and I feel so sick about it all!!!

If you can find it in you to leave then do so. Infidelity can get you a good settlement and fast track a divorce

It sounds to me as if you've already decided on your best course of action. Get yourself a divorce. And a fair and just child support settlement as well.

I am an unfaithful man I will never change and I know it unless my wife showed me she didn't need me.. That's the only way , honestly be independent and if he really loves you he'll be begging so quick you won't feel the distance!!