She Likes Anel Sex

I was afraid to talk to my wife about anal sex.So I took some advice and watched a **** that had it in it.She seamed to be OK with watching it so that night while I was going down on her,I let my tong hit her butt hole.She let me know right away that she liked the feel of my tong and wanted more.She pulled her legs up so her knees were on her ****.Try it now she said and I went to work on her *** hole.She was moaning and started to move with me.Now her feet were on my back and she arched her back.I didn't know you liked to do this.We'll be doing more of this.Now about once a week she gets on her hands and knees on the bed.She has me eat her *** and jerk off till shes had enough.I started to *** on her *** and licking it off.Some times she pulls my head into her *** and smears my *** with my face.Sex is good.Now I bring home **** with strap-ons.Hope she tries it on me next.

Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
Nov 9, 2009