Married But Lonely

my husband works about 10 hours a day six days a week. he is a landscaper. sometimes the pay is good sometimes the pay is bad. when he comes home he is very tired from working so hard so he watches tv for couple hours then goes to sleep. so even though i share my life with someone i still feel very much alone. i crave the intimacy that we once had. i long to be held, caressed, talked to. i feel like i have a roomate instead of a husband. i appreciate that he works so hard for us. i just wish things could be the way they used to be when we first got together. back when he was wooing me, romancing me and had time for me. back when i felt special and loved and we talked for hours. such is life i suppose.....
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

so type this same thing into a love letter expressing how you feel. express it to him in a romantic fashion and if he truly cares for your love and needs he will react with love and kindness if he reacts in hatred and discontent well. you then will have to decide what is needed then i can only share what i have done to keep my wife and i alive. read some of my stories and you might find that he has a fetish in the closet that may help as well.

i wish you a new spark that may rekindle the flame that will warm your hearts forever.

u can make friends and move out , rather than waiting for him moves on and its ur life End of day so u need to make it best ...everyone right is to be happy and satisfied !! so is URss..;-) cheers