A Companion For So Many

I am married but still talk to other men.  I tend to be the ear they need for thier problems and fun.  They are all friends that I personally know.  The married ones are usually not happy.  Whether it be they are being ignored emotionally and physically or just can't stand their wife anymore.  One calls his wife asexual and is desperate for attention.  That one is kind of annoying so tend to blow him off.  One simply cannot stand his wife.  Even after being together for more then 15 yrs she still can't get comfortable with sex and barely ever tries to do anything.  Hence his frustration and his looking for someone else to meet his needs.  That one became a dear friend and more.  Another one adores his wife but yet again she fizzled not too long after the relationship began.  Finally the last is not married just a single dad dedicated to his job and his son.  All are looking for someone to talk to and share their thoughts and feelings with.  At times I feel I give too much to them and don't really get anything in return.  But for the most part feel good that I am here for them.
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Nothing wrong with that ;-)

Nothing I suppose I just know it's not an even kind of thing.