My Second Marriage

After my wife, Renia started cheating on me with my cousin Vicky, i decided that we would take a divorce. That made me think about a few things and decided to make up for something bad i did in the past. And so i started once again a relationship with Vicky's sister, Eirini, with whom we had been lovers many years ago, but i ended it because i thought it would be wrong for our families, her mother is also my godmother. But we got back together again and after my divorce was finalized i asked her to marry me,and she accepted, and much to my surprise our families approved of our relationship too. We got married 2 weeks ago, and it was even better than my first marriage. In fact we were married alongside Renia and Vicky. We were married at an Orthodox Church in the U.S with only our friends and a few relatives. Vicky and Renia married first, they were both wearing lavish wedding dresses, and as i saw them exchanging their vows i realized that divorcing her was the right thing to do. She and Vicky would be happier together, after exchanging vows they were announced a married couple and they shared a hot lesbian kiss. It was mine and Eirini's turn now, Eirini came wearing a hot strapless dress with a revealing cleavage, she was the most beautiful bride i have ever seen. We shared a kiss and the ceremony started, once again my best-friend Nikos was my best man, and after being declared husband and wife we kissed with even more fierce passion. It was the happiest moment of my life. We then went straight at home to make love as a married couple now. We kissed passionately and our mouths just couldn't get enough of each other. I removed my tux, staying shirtless with my trousers, and then Eirini turned her back to me and said:
-Take me now, my love ! Make love to me like you've never done before !
Her words erected me, i then quickly undid her wedding dress' zipper and there she was, standing topless in front of me. I sucked her breasts as her hands were unzipping my trousers. After my pants were gone too, i threw her to bed and inserted her, slowly at first, quickly then. We were hugging as our sexes were meeting. I was kissing all the way from her neck to her big, delicious ****. She was moaning of pleasure and grabbed my ***. She begged me to **** her more, and so i did. She was telling me how much she loved me between kisses. until i eventually climaxed and left every single drop of my ***** in her ****. We made out for a few minutes and then we drank a glass of champagne to our happiness. Alcohol obviously made things hotter and we were soon making love once again, with her riding me this time. And thus our marriage was consummated and our happiness had just become.
thomaswayne thomaswayne
26-30, M
May 17, 2012