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No matter how much I do to make time for it, my wife always seems to make less time for me/us. It drives me crazy. I have totally given up on ever being with her in bed for more than sleeping any more. It seems like the only three things she is interested in are Work, The kids, and Sleeping.

Before she would give me excuses why we would not have time or why she was busy. Now that I have eliminated those, she just stays longer at work. Or she will say she is going to work early so she has to go to sleep early.

Even when she decides she wants a weekend together, its either going to be interupted and not happen, or it has to happen with some of her friends. That way she does not have to talk with me or spend one on one time.

It drives me crazy trying and trying and trying just to get nothing back. Its even harder when you do not believe in divorce and you dont want your kids to be in a split home situation growing up. I want to know what happened to the hot sexy smart sensative woman I married?
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I totally get this as well. I am sick to death of coming absolutely last. I try to get him to make time and work on our relationship, nah, he doesn't have time. Now it's to the point I feel like we're room mates and that's about it...

I also understand what you say. My husband usually dont want to spend time with me. he goes to lots of trip for fun and never want me to be with him. in the past month i have not talk to him. i hate him, i am angry at him. i dont know what to do. i cry every day and every night. i am tried but scared of divorce.

I know EXACTLY how you feel! My husband is the same way. We work opposite shifts and only have limited time together. I will usually call him once a day just to talk since we don't see each other more than 5 minutes a day, if we're lucky, and he always is quiet and seems to have no interest talking to me. Then on the weekends, all that matters is football or whatever errand he feels like running. And he doesn't run them all at once, he spreads them out throughout the weekend, almost as if to take little breaks from being with me. I'm so sick of trying to hold it together and talk about things when he obviously isn't concerned.<br />
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Ugh! Sorry for using this comment to ***** about my issues. It just sucks that so many marriages end up like this.It's really devastating. I hope you get that smart, sensitive, sexy woman back soon!

No appologies, I understand totally.