I hate the feeling of being alone, really hate it sometimes. It seems like getting married should have guaranteed you'd have one person in your life, by your side, no matter what. I hate how hollow it makes me feel, the empty look in his eyes, the blank stare, the robotic way hand holding, hugging, or cuddling can feel like a task that's getting checked off a list somewhere. She's upset... hug her... check. I thought this site could help with that sometimes talking with people who share similarities...but sometimes I wonder if it doesn't just make me more hollow.
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4 Responses Feb 3, 2012

Has it gotten any better I wonder?

Boy do I know what you mean! I feel your pain and to find someone to share this difficulty with is so hard. I'd love to talk sometime!

Hi hun i know where your coming from, im in a situation almost identical, my wife treats me like crap expects me to do all the house work do all the running around and supply her with drink, while she sits her lazy *** on the sofa all day long and if i dont jump i get the abuse, i have slept on my own for over a year i dont mind that it keeps me away from her, but i get really lonely and fed up im a soft passionate loving kind of guy who likes being intimate and it knocks you back when people treat you like that you loose your self confidence like i have . but its her loss now i will just flirt with anyone who will have me on here

thats nice of you babe can i add you as a friend

hey baby just holdon. Most men do that way what you have discribed for the fact that men are loaded with manly stiffness. it is your responsibility to make things happen. Probably you have got the man who have been not exposed to the families and friends. take a lead and stop complaining as the first step.... rest will follow