Together Yet Alone

Sitting in the silence, the years brought absence.Loves grown distant and cold.
Two ships that pass in the night, one no longer aware of the other.

As something misplaced, but no longer sought,
who would had known, who would had thought.

This love dies a lonely death, where lies the blame?
Not to be placed on any ones name.

Yet the crave for Intimacy and attention still yearns,
for the love that once was,but no longer burns.

Life continues, Life goes on,
Heart ponders what will I happen upon?

I will seek for that which I crave,
love, Intimacy and affection.

Till my heart rejoices again,
over the pleasures its regained.
Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
6 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I hope you find what you seek.

very heartfelt write..

Thanks, your too kind.

pleasure is all mine to read your pen...

Love this.

Thanks,I appreciate it !!

Yes, until your heart rejoices again! You deserve this!

love starts out great and over time things like children,work get in way and before you know your strangers.Thought this time it would be for keeps but not to be,we are now apart .

Thanks for taking the time, it means alot comming from you.
take care