I Am So Lonely In My Relationship With My Boyfriend!

Is it normal for a man in his 40's not to have any erge to want to have sex with me? I am half his age, blond, deciently attractive, well educated, and he should want to be all over me right?

I had his baby almost 12 months ago....ever since i got pregnate he has not had any kind of want toward me for sex....we barely kiss anymore

He gave me several reasons, and they include:

I am pregnant..so he doesn't wana hurt the baby
he works all day so he is tired
He was having all of his teeth worked on so he was too tired
He doesn't wana have sex because I am not down to my original pre baby size
He doesnt wana have sex because he is working on is race car until 2am
He doesn't wana have sex even after I dress skimpy or act sexy....plain and simple no sex for the rest of my life...this sux
By the way he wont marry me either...my college debt is the reason

I have done all the tricks in the book and been the best mother and girlfriend I can be...and now i am stuck in a rut
He is a good daddy when he is around and my son loves him very much, he pays the majority of the bills and is a workaholic. He definatly is in love with his racecar, thats for sure!

If only i could be his racecar....but no fine tuning here...just lonelyness.
I have tried telling him I can not go this long with out intimicy but he just changes the subject......AM I TOO NEEDY????
SandefursGirl SandefursGirl
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

No you are not too needy. You need to really consider what you want and what you are willing to live with and without. Don't spend everyday hoping he will change just ot find yourself in my situation- married 35 years and lonely.