Husband Rude

i have been married for 5 years and already have 2 boys(4 and 2 year old). my husband started off as being very nice, supportive of me. but then i got a job with 60km from him, and he encourage me to take it as would do a lot with extra cash in the house. he bought me a car so that i would visit him and the kids as often as i want, and every other weekend. after about six months he started acting funny saying am cheating on him. i tried to reassure him that am not cheating on him. sometime he will arrive unannounced, and i liked the suprise. i hve since transfered to the town where he is working. he is so mean to me, he says all horrible things to me and expects to have sex with him after. when i try to stand up for myself , he says am disrespecting him, and threatens me with divorce, since he knows its something against my believes. am suspicious that he is sleeping with the maid since he could just be rude to me in her presence, and she would run around and make tea for him and ................... i think am depressed and in need of a seriuos f****..... help, hope am in right group.... i need to be loved.
tshino tshino
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yes, he is cheating on you. he redicules you for everything you do, and finds fault with you constantly. These are signs that something is going on and he is getting over on you by placing the blame on you instead of taking it himself, which is where it belongs. I'm here if you need to chat and vent. I am open and honest, just warning you in advance that I do say exactly what I think and feel

WAKE UP!!!!HE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR!!!!! and is covering it up by faulting you! Iam praing for Tshino...Please contact me/write so that I can bring it up together with you to God the Father!

Maybe you can suggest marriage counseling? It might help you work through communicating to your husband how his rudeness makes you feel, and can help to build trust between the two of you.