I haven't had sex in so long I am considering becoming a born again virgin.
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Wonderful thought. "Born again virgin". I read it several times and smiled each time in this unique idea.

Can I join you in that department?

Jon the club... of sexless relationships.... though I want to join your group... born again virgin....

I feel for you. It has been a long time for me too

Me too! :(

don't feel bad I am in the same boat!! trully suck doesn't it

LOL Can I take your Newly found Virginty from you :-)

An anti-hymenectomy..hmm. I'd buy a ticket to that.

Where will you hang it ? In the kitchen ?

There is a certificate we mail out to people like you.

It's a small club.

ok lol

Funny and sad at the same time. I know how you feel. A gesture follows

I know how you feel. Sucks being in a sexless marriage

I would love to deflower you.....once more..

Now that terminology is funny, but the sad reality is not! Hope you get out of your drought soon!

Me too lol

It's Friday night!!! get working! ;-)

HAHAHAHA..... I wish!!! I have a teenage bday party to attend :(

Ha! Don't tell any of them! ;-)

Oh heck no O_o lol

LOL the boys would all be your best friend! ;-)

They already try to be ..... That's just wrong by all measures!!!! lol

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I will be joining you i think. Almost 4 yrs now it could be longer I've lost count

What the hell is wrong with people nowadays ?!?!! I'm not waiting 4 years lol

Its not my choice to go without, that's not just sex thats all contact hugs kisses cuddles nothing

That sounds terrible

It is what it is ;)