Preparing for our wedding years ago like most brides I had this romantic view of commitment and marriage etc. I remember being excited to be marrying the love of my life, vowing before God family and friends to love honor cherish etc with this huge wedding with all the bells and whistles. We had completed counseling with our pastor we were committed. Little did I know.

Weeks prior at my bridal shower I received the traditional items of lingerie, and other trinkets but I was a little surprised to see a book. How exciting lol.

This book was "Help Me: I'm Married!" By Joyce Meyer. I thought oh that's cute and added it to the pile of gifts.

The friend that have me this book told me to read this book and when situations arise in your marriage refer back to it. Thanked her for the gift thinking I'm not gonna need this book.

So not true, I have referred to this book many many times over the years for guidance. Today I pulled it from my book shelf and turned to ch 10 Communication. Since this particular post is for those of us that are married lonely no intimacy this chapter 10 was on point. Basically communication is more than talking. Sex is a form of communication in marriage and it's the highest form. It gives a lot of info that I don't have enough time to elaborate.

Anyway I thought that this book could help some person/couple that may need some divine references to help muddle through these difficult issued. This book provides biblical insight in addition to real life examples. I realize this type of book is not for everybody.

Not a quick fix, both parties must be willing.
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as soon as you stop having sex and intimacy 4 or 5 times a week I think you need to sit down and discuss what's going on in your lives! Don't leave it til you realise you haven't had it for years!


Get over it. Marriage is a sham

What are a few of the biggest insights that you learned from the book, and how did you put them into practice in your marriage? Care to share some helpful tips?

I'm going to re-read the book because we've fallen so far off track. What I did like was that the author shared her relationship trials many I could relate and the scripture that relates to that particular situation and how she and her husband worked through them.

The Bible provides some REALLY excellent wisdom to help us... we just need to follow it... :)

I'm in the same spot:-) she says she's on the change of life lol so I have to suffer :-( it's been 9 years now WTF !!!

mmmmmm what can be said.My wife and i have been married 43 years.We are best friends.Do you want to know more?We are here for you.xoxoxo

Thanks wow 43 years you could write a book for us to follow.

Yes we could and we are in the process of writing one.\i tell you one thing if you are best friends it will all work out.\if you are not, it will not.Sorry but that is our past experience.Another tip, we have a lifetime of them.We decided when we where young married that we would never go to bed mad or angry at each other.
\we had many sleepless nights in the beginning but it has become our rule of thumb. Talk to each other,Do not prolong the pain.Understand?
I am a crossdresser and my wife took my pics.Sexually we had a rocky road but we worked at it because we are best friends.
We have 3 kids and 8 grandkids.And we are tremendously in love......