Had I Known That marriage didnt equal unlimited sex. I would not have gotten married so soon!
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Sometimes I think the same thing. Or at least a partner who was always ready and willing.

Who knew and didn't tell us should be shot...

Haha REALLY!! Everything was perfect before marriage. Literally like a switch got turned iff after he said "I do" we eloped so it's not like a wedding made things stressful!

lol . we all think that way. marriages mean unlimited sex

It's sounding like a more common problem

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Sad to hear that. I am going through the same problem. In my case I'm the only one who knows what communication is. She doesn't talk.

I'll admit that I don't communicate as much as I should. But whenever I bring up sex it's like he's 13 and don't want to talk about it as if we aren't married adults. And when I communicate in bed he doesn't listen but having bad sex is better than not having any at all

Sex is taboo for some people. I've only had obligatory sex in the last couple of years beyond a couple of great sessions in the last 2 months. She either found the "I'm going to dump her" letter that I drafted.

Things were great before marriage though so im just confused on why things have changed. None of his friends are married so I guess the thought of him being stuck with me forever is what makes him ignore me. But I could be wrong.

It was a well "laid" trap...make you think your needs would be met then...no soup for you...

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Wow. At your age, way toooo soon. Is it too late to get out ?

We've got a two month old son. The one and only time we had great sex and I got ppregnant.

I feel for you, and I commiserate.

and I even try to initiate!

He won't tell me what he wants me to do. I'd send him messages while he's at work then ask if he wants to have sex he'd say yes but stay downstairs late or just try to avoid me. Or say he's too tired. I don't understand him.

My wife does that **** :-(

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