This Last Week.

I had a "date" with my ex-husband (we were married for 53 years). He just went through 18 months of high mania on Klonopin, Prozac and other meds. He is currently off all meds. His decision. He became very drunk on this date and started to become very belligerent. I had finished my meal and so I told him I would wait in the car for him to finish his wine. He was in a total rage because I had left him in the restaurant. He called me many names, was verbally abusive. I stayed calm and quiet. He wanted me to stop for a pack of cigs. When he got back in car he opened the pack, threw the wrapper on my car floor and lit a cigarette. I stopped the car and said please don't smoke in my car, smoke outside. He said are you big enough to throw me out? Call the cops! I then became very angry at him. When we got to his house to pick up my dog he blocked my exit and told me I should be beat up. I called for his roomate to help me. He of course denies that he said that. The next morning he called and asked me to marry him. I told him to move on with his life, I can't go through this any more.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2012

Good call for standing up for yourself! I find it is really hard to have healthy boundaries in a relationship with a bipolar spouse. Partially because the roller coaster never STOPS so you lose yourself somewhere along the way of always trying to please/appease them. Sounds like you made a very good choice when you put yourself first. If a bipolar person is not medicated, there is really no chance of having a meaningful relationship with them. Stay strong - you are not alone!