Holy Hell

Turns out he's bipolar. And a very angry aggressive bipolar. With a very addictive personality. I've been thru the ringer, everything from verbal abuse to metal and emotional and when he drinks, physical abuse. He's mean to our dog, he speaks down to me in front of our six year old and makes me feel like ****. He starts treatment on oct 1. But all of the reading I've done says that once they feel better they stop taking their meds. I've already left him twice, always coming back thinking I can fix and help him. But wait, what about me and my kids!? I finally called today and am getting treatment for myself to learn how to cope either in this type of relationship or out of it. Either way it's exhausting. I can't take it. His rollar coaster is so rapid I can't keep up. The older he gets the worse it gets. It's almost unbearable. Ugh. Any thoughts or words of wisdom for me?
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You are a young, smart women with a full life ahead of you. I suggest you take care of YOURSELF. I can't tell you how to do that and I encourage you to take baby steps of getting rest, reprieve, and restoration and find support. I am trying to write encouraging stories at www.gloriasavyer.com. maybe they will help you.

I think you are doing everything you can. Seeing a councilor is your best option.

God help you with you and your family.