Healing Together, The Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Four years ago I met the most wonderful man and made a choice to marry him. One year after marriage he had rapid cycling episodes, and the onset of his night terrors took flight. At the time, I figured it was PTSD or something related to his military experiences as an officer-captain in the Gulf War, Post 9-11 combat related experiences. Little did we know, that his frequent episodes and mood altering problems were linked to bipolar 1 diagnosis. It was and the man who I had fallen in love with suddenly became depressed and angry all the time. It was a scary time for both of us and the pain endured unexplainable. He literally went off the deep end. I told him if he didn't want to help himself and figure out solutions for our family then he didn't care enough about us to fight against the horror of bipolar 1 symptoms that suddenly showed its ugly self to us from time to time. I don't blame my husband for this at all!! But we have choices and he made the choice to get better for us in the end. Now he is stable and regularly taking his meds to feel a sense of self again. He said before the meds he felt trapped in his own mind and now he recognises how it affected our family. We are happier now. My prayers have been answered. My husband is longer a victim to his diagnosis and the symptoms are under control. We still have are challenges but not to the severity of what this was prior to my husband's treatment. To all the wives out there suffering, please hear me loud and clear. You are so Strong and I think you're Brave for staying by your "man" under these circumstances. Keep working through healing through creating treatment plan with your husband's psychiatrist!! Be there every step of the way, and things will get better!! It did for us!
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I'm so jealous you are so strong! I wish my husband think the same way too just to save and value his family! I suggest counseling and he said yea before but not he changed his mind! My husband had a depression before and it seems like he is a bipolar too! Sometimes he's nice sometimes he is a monster! I got to the point that what causes this is because of him being stress out about his daughter! His spoiled rotten daughter in his first marriage! The daughter knows how to manipulate her dad so my husband told me that he wants to be single and free! I don't believe in him because of the way he still showing he cares! We had a daughter together and I want to keep our family as much as possible! I am trying to understand him but sometimes I burst out! I can tell that every time he had a problem with his daughter he always taking out from me and our daughter! I told him to move out but he said he has no place to go! I feel so tired most of the time and taking a lot of energy from me! I keep my faith that our family will be as we are before and I keep on praying that he will stand and be the dad to his daughter! My husbands blame himself with what's going on to his 16yr old daughter's life!

What medicines helped?? So far we haven't had anything that is working. I just don't know if I can take anymore.

My husband has been on Lamotrigine (100 mg), Risperidone (2 g), adnd something else for the past year which has helps greatly. I need to check then get back to you on this one. These are based on medication sensitivity and every person reacts differently. Take this advice as a guide only. I truly hope your situation gets better. It was difficult the first 2 years of my husband's medication ride, many highs and lows but more lows. Now he's back to normal but he also takes medication for mood swings too. He has terrible moods at Times. I will find out what the other medication is and get back to you with this later.