Ranting Deleted - The Jist Of The Tale.

Hold their hand and listen to them. and then suddenly it emerges from them and them alone to my shock and surprise. They say something hurtful and inappropriate, then proceed to build off of that (as soon it's evident that it was un-nessesary to mention and I didn't care for it). Then a rise (in an almost developed art) with crescendo of the same old worn out name calling of yesterday and year(s). Suddenly it was time to separate to maintain peace and sanity. Cursing now (in refrain), still audible from behind the closed door, becoming fainter and fainter as I moved away. All anger and all directed at me. Like a song that plays on the radio once too often. Next day, as if nothing had happened. Along with a little of- "You don't think this is actually me, do you?" What? What's "this"'? And WHY would anyone need say that? It's because there IS something. It's because it IS them. And it's because they KNOW it.
Ilove2work Ilove2work
Jan 25, 2013