One And Done!

I moved to the prettiest place on the coast, I rented an apartment and became friends with the man upstairs, He was busy with online dating and i was busy morning a loss of my Dad,  We started to spend time together and before long we married, I started to notice a change almost that week, Silly disagreements, him wanting to know where i was going, actually coming to my work. and then the anger came, he would start yelling at people in public places, Starting arguements about small things, and then the spending Oh god! I watched horror seeing what i really had gooten my self into.

  And then after only three months he call a suicide hotline goes to get help and comes back saying" they want to put me in the hospital, I am not going"  well that was in July, I struggle with this mess as each day things get worse, I struggle wondering what to do...

So today i came here.

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

If you have no kids and no major assets I suggest you get out now. It will only get worse and you will begin to experience anxiety and depression from dealing with his mood swings. Being around someone like that can give the most healthy, sane person mental problems as if it's a contagious disease. I have been married for 10 years and only found out two years ago about my husband's bipolar but I'm in so deep now I wish I had known early on.

X[ Hun you need to get away from him somehow.. he seem unstable and probably not safe to be around... goodluck!

Get a power of attorney, that give you control of all matters, no end date. Use the excuse like signing legal documents when he is ill. However, he may not even know he is ill. Just wait for the flip side to happen, that he is rational, so call normal. Rush him to the doctor appointment and get a power of attorney agreement with them.<br />
You may never need it, but be prepare.<br />
<br />
Prayers are with you and your love one.