Shake It Up, Baby

I walked into the dining room Sunday morning in time to see my husband, dressed in his Carhart coveralls, doing a body shake. He was bouncing, twisting, jumping, and shaking from his head to his toes. Now, my first thought was" Hmmm....he must be having a seizure". But his tongue was where it should be and his eyes weren't rolling. So then I thought" Maybe he's practicing his dance steps preparing to take me out." Nope, not a chance of that. After observing him do this for about 2 minutes I finally spoke up, " Honey, if you're trying to shake the old joints loose you're doing a fine job". He stopped, leveled a hard look at me and muttered," I was taking my stomach pill and shook out too many from the bottle. When I tried putting all but one back two pills fell down the front of my bib". All that shaking never did dislodge those two little pills. You know where he found them later? No? Well, I don't either. He's never told me.

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16 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Granted, PeeDee, he can cut a rug quite well after a few drinks. So you might be right. He may have been practicing.

I still think the "pill story" was a coverup for his dancing a jig in the living room!

Mayo, we save those kinds of stories for Loyd's youngest daughter and neice... the family's well-endowed! lol.

Actually, I do know what you mean. Em is always doing that very thing. She drops everything down her blouse, especially food.

This is so funny. Good thing he wasn't born a woman. Can you imagine if he stood up and shook it all around every time he got something down his cleavage? Yeah, I know, that made no sense, but you know what I mean.

Oh, I have a whole lot of stories I could tell on the kids!

And such a good story teller you are! :D It's nice when she's pickin on someone other than us kids! lol

You just wouldn't believe the stories I could tell about the hubby.

OMG I could imagine my husband doing something like that!

OOOO My, there is just to much shaking going on.

I could tell a lot of hilarious stories about life with this man!

That is hilarious .

You could be right, Peedee. Now Em, you know the size of his gut. It would take an earthquake to shake a tiny pill that far down faster!

I thought he was trying to shake the pill down into his gut quicker with the jig! rofl!

Remember the movie Babe?? The farmer did a dance in his living room for Babe the Pig. Perhaps the "pill" was a quick excuse to cover up for his jig dancing routine...LOL

Hmmm, Blue, sounds like you can identify with the hubby.