Bff Married A Loser 10 Years Older Than Her

my bff is currently working for a fortune 500 company. the guy she married is 10 years older then her and watches female/male **** all day long we know this since she installed a keylock on the computer and now everything is recorded. at first the excuse was that there was no work now its that he is too old! we eat out frequently together at lunch time and I always pick up the tab she never has any money or food. I have reached the end of the rope. I have tried to talking to her including her folks and even they and the whole family is concerned about her they have tried talking to her about him however she refused to speak to them for wks. This guy is such a slouch never cleans, cooks etc she does it all for him. Here's the kicker! she bought him an 18 carat gold necklace with a gold pendent worth 2 grand, she was so happy to give it to him since the agreement between them was if she got the necklace for him than he would have to stop hitting her. I am not making this up. advice needed.
brownidgirl brownidgirl
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013