I Am Dating A Younger Man.

My newest boyfriend is 22 years younger than I am, I'm 42. When he started hitting on me, I was surprised and tried to discourage him, but must admit I was very flattered . He invited me out on a drink and we spoke as if we knew each other forever we clicked. He surprised me in many ways during our conversation. He said that he liked me, he thinks I'm beautiful and my age does not bother him. I am growing very fond of him him and its been a little over two months now that we have been seeing each other. Here is the twist in the story , he is three years older than my son and he attended the same school just a couple years ahead in class ,and even though they are not friends, my son knows him. I am afraid for my son to find out as I feel it would devastate him, that's why we keep our affair secret. I have dated a man 23 years my senior, and men my own age, but I am happiest now . I don't know if this will last or how long it will but we are both happy with each other, my only fear is my son not accepting this if we get serious.
alicebz alicebz
41-45, F
Dec 11, 2012