What A Mess!

I joined the group because I didn't see one for people engadged to a meth addict. I put off the marriage because I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to go well. However, I do believe that I have a lot in common with everyone here and I certainly need some help dealing with all of the drama I am in.

I went into this relationship(dummy) knowing that he had a problem with meth in his past. Of course I learned later that he was still using when we were dating too.The last two tears have been such a mess. I finally caught him about 6 weeks ago and gave the ultimatum...rehab or i am gone. He went to rehab for 2 weeks and cam home with the same crazy behaviors. Needless to say after he was home for 9 days, I finally called the cops on him for pushing me and me and my 2 children were told to leave...I had no claim to the house of course. I also run a horse rescue and had to leave 15 horses there!

Currently, we have worked out a lease in which I lease the property portion for the horses and my children and I are staying with family. I am searching for a place for us to go with the horses, but it is no easy task!He has been begging me to come back...but goes through Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde behaviors because I have told him that he needs a year clean and working a program before we can even talk about it. I get 6-10 texts a day ranging from..I love you come back...to: you are just a sorry p.o.s. and will never forget or forgive me. I told him that I have forgiven him, but that he needs to prove that he is serious about being clean and it will take time to rebuild trust...I have not changed my 1yr stance what so ever. I always answer him the same way.

Today I am getting a new phone and phone number. He is driving me crazy (or I should say I am allowing him to) How in the heck am I going to get through this? I have to deal with him until I get the horses out....UGH!!!!
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Pat on the back for getting out I only wish I was so strong

Your a stong girl, stay that way! Do not marry him while he's doing meth! Your life will be absolute hell! My husband started doing it, I've known him 25 years, all my adult life, and I'd never thought he'd be the way he is now. It's awful. I hate what meth had done to a lot of the people I've known for years. And It gets steadily worse...save yourself, you've not married him yet, you can get out of this