Planning On Getting Married To A Man Who Is 15 Years Older Than Me.

I have been in a relationship with this man for a year now. He has a 8 year old son whom i love to death. We plan on becoming a family soon, and as happy as that makes me, i also have my share of fears. I know age is just a number, but when we both start getting older i dont want to have to worry about him possibly not being around for our children. I know thats probably something that i shouldnt be worrying about right now but it does scare me. Im really just hoping that i find someone who relates to my story, and who i can talk to. I cant see myself without him and we have already been looking at rings but i would just really like someone who is in somewhat of the same situation as me to be there for me to talk to and to give me some advice.
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I read your post, don't worry! Age difference is not at all a matter. Love your man and his child forever.

I married a man 15 years older than myself who had full custody of an 8 year old girl. We have been married almost five years now and are currently separated. Many issues came to light with his ex when we got married that were a huge shock and major block for us. It had major impacts on us so I would beg you to really get a good feel for how he deals with his ex an what they're relationship is like. If their relationship is unhealthy that can be a bad thing foe you. Also I want to have kids but my husband doesn't really want to be an old dad so that needs to be discussed and thought about before hand. There are real issues from that much of an age difference and it is crucial to make sure your core values are the same.

We can plan out perfectly everything what is going to happen in 30 years, and not even be alive a few years later... That's the irony of it. <br />
By the way the ideal difference is 10 years, NOT the same age. Same age marriages are more often problematic. So 15 years difference is rather mundane.

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I just read your post and I just thought I should let you know, I am working on a new documentary style TV show about families dealing with the types of issues you describe here. It will be airing on a major cable network this coming Spring/Summer. ba<x>sed on what you've written I think your family could really benefit from participating. It's a really positive show that aims to bring families closer together! I would love hear more about what your dealing with and tell you more about this new series. <br />
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I am now 39 years old and my husband is 54, we have been married for 11 years. Neither one of us had ever been married, but my daughter was 3 when we met and almost 5 when we married. I love my husband with all of my heart and so far the age difference I do not feel has been an issue. Any major issues we have, I feel we would have if were were only a few years apart. As I get older, the thought of not having the opportunity of "really" growing old together is frightening. (I look at my parents - they are 63, when I am their age, my husband will be 78...that bothers me a little) When you are in your late 20s you think you have forever, 10 years makes a huge difference in the way you see your future. If I had it to do over again, I would. I feel that he is the person that God placed in my path and he is the person that was and is for me. Whatever the future holds, it is in God's hands. The question he the Man for You right now? Good luck with your decision.