Am I Just Being Jealous Or Just Plain Nasty

me 48, him 72, he is a fun loving outgoing person, younger looking for his age,healthy and looks well after himself, he still believes that he is 40 and can do anything that he did at the age of 19 and he does! never seen such an enegetic 72 year old,
Sex is no problem at all, he seems to want it more than i do.

problem is he still looks at younger woman, and comments about their boobs, drives me nuts.
he does not like it when i refer to his ex wife as your ex wife, call her by her name or
say that she is my first wife. In conversation with other people when something comes up about his past with his ex, he tells them that "my wife and i" in 1963, and a few minutes before that he introduced me as his wife. Does not compute! Ok, so i am just being petty.....

recently his ex ended up in hospital, i reminded him to send flowers, make a call etc. On the day
of him visiting her in hosp, i also reminded him that he should go, he then said in a very irate voice "is this something i can do by myself or do you have to go with? My first xmas with his
family i was forced to go and spend three days with his children and his ex with her brothers and sisters phew,was uncomfortable at first but made it through, three days , met her a couple of times again at the gran childrens parties etc, we get along fine or so i thought, was told that
she does not want to see people she doesnt knowwhile she is in hospital,so my husband get to
spend private time with her while i wait outside for him in the car.

I am supposed tospend xmas with them again, me against them, what do i do? i dont feel welcome
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That is a tough situation. My husband is almost 30 years older and has two adult kids from the first marriage, which was not a great one. The ex turned his own family against him (and me too). Okay, fine. Then there was this family reunion with the same people. I really did NOT want to go. He insisted, so I went. It is hard to keep the stiff upper lip, but I managed feeling every darting stare and hearing the whispers. I am afraid that this situation has hardened me to a point that I will never return.
Oh yeah, the boob thing, I finally got over too.
All I can say is if I could go back, I wouldn't have done this.
If you feel he is a keeper, just remember to take care of yourself, your health and keep your own interests. It is all that will keep you sane. Have fun in your life based on what you enjoy. I completely understand the situation.

He is not finished with that relationship. I would definitely walk away from this man. I smell a bad, bad deal here.

doubt i that would work he would just be upset with me and tell me i dont like his family

tell him to go alone if he loves them so much,
you have new life with him,
and if he doesn't like it then he isn't serious about you.

...serious enough lol