Just Become An Adult And Falling In Love For The Second Time.. Will It Work This Time Around To A 29 Year Old?

I Just turned 18 in August.. I started working as a waitress and fell in love with a co worker.. the way our eyes met, the way we would laugh together and be best friends. Then we started to go out and do crazy things and bam! We are crazy for eachother it was undeniable .. You could feel our connection anywhere from the restaurant or any place we were at. I have dated a lot and I cant compare this man to anyone...He is absolutely amazing and has everything I have wanted my whole life in a man. The most important thing in this relationship is our religious affiliation, our morals, values and mutual goals. Since I was 13 I have been told I am way too mature for my age and Frankly I still feel that way.. So now I am not surprised this man put in my path is here for a reason.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Great story! I met my man at age 20 and he was 40. The only thing missing is I have never felt "crazy" about him, I just love him... is this wrong? Am I right in feeling I could do better?

Aw...cute! Reminds me of myself. I was 19 when I met my current husband and he was 28. I felt an attraction to him that I never had before. We've been together for 5 years and married for almost 4 months.